The producers

We've worked together for over 15 years. Each of us started to study music and play an instrument before the age of ten. We share a resilient passion for music, the curiosity to learn and discover, the thrill of working on projects with fellow artists

We are also different, in many ways. We specialize in different musical styles, so that Startrec can produce almost anything you can think of. Or you may not even think of! Including the lifestyle. Some of us are early risers, some are night owls, so that Startrec never sleeps.

Codrin LAZAR




eduard taras


THE allies

We are not alone; we have friends that are just a phone call away. When we need someone to contribute to a project, give a professional opinion, play an instrument, sing something, write some text or music, there are Startec's allies who would join us. We can count on them, and so you can, too.